The options in this section are the most popular services that we offer (but are by no means the only options available). We understand that no two weddings or indeed couples are the same.

Therefore to help us create the perfect co-ordination arrangement for you why not give us a call to discuss what it is you are looking for and to see how we can help. Or better still, make an appointment for a no obligation consultation (free of charge).

The Helping Hand

This option is quite simply a head start to the overwhelming task of organising your wedding.

We give you a helping hand with the sourcing of suppliers in up to five categories of your choice that are based locally to you; in short we give you three suppliers in each field for you to then choose from and book in your own time.

Simple Co-ordination

This option is for those of you that have a good idea of the kind of wedding you want, and are quite happy to be independent in your choices.

However you need that extra guidance to make sure everything goes as you imagine it should. This could be something as big as finding the perfect venue or as small as finding the perfect shade of lilac for your bridesmaid's earrings!

On The Day Co-ordination

This option is for those of you that have organised everything up to the big day, but want to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day without the worry of how it will all come together.

That is where LOVELOCK WEDDINGS step in and make sure everything you have taken the time to plan runs like clockwork and we take any possible stress out of the day.

For this we will mainly work with you over the phone, via email and a face-to-face meeting one month prior to the wedding to ensure everyone is happy.